50 wines from Moldova

Fine wines from Moldova
Plai Merlot Syrah
Vinuri de Comrat
This is an excellent example of the potential offered by the south of the Republic of Moldova for red wines. This wine is a blend of Merlot and Syrah harvested in 2015, aged in French oak barrels. It gained an elegant ruby colour and a fantastic aromatic intensity: berries, blackcurrant, complemented by subtle plums and black cherries notes with a round, soft and velvety taste. The wine was awarded a gold medal at the IWCB Vinarium, Asia Wine Trophy and a silver medal at the Berliner Wein Trophy. It is an unbeatable wine in its price-quality ratio!
Apogeu Limited Edition
Vinăria din Vale
'Apogee' - as the name suggests - represents the peak mastery of the vine-growers and winemakers of Vinăria din Vale. This blend of Feteasca Neagră, Malbec and Rara Neagră was aged for six months in French barrels and bottled in a limited edition of 4,444 bottles. It impresses with an intense ruby ​​red, a vibrant bouquet of dried plums and black cherries, followed by a drift of spices and chocolate. You should aerate this wine before consumption to fully open its bouquet. It has a balanced, round and persistent taste. It has also been internationally apreciated with gold medals at Mundus Vini and Berliner Wein Trophy - two of the strictest wine competitions in the world.
7 Coline Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Grigio
Vinăria din Vale
7 Coline - the seven magical hills from the Bugeac steppe - where the Vinăria din Vale vineyards are located - gave birth to this new wine line. The Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio grapes were manually harvested. The wine was fermented at a controlled temperature according to the classical method, yielding a fresh, fruity, slightly citrusy, mineral wine. It has a greenish straw colour with golden hues. The wine impresses with citrus, green lemon, white peach and pears aromas. It pairs nicely with a classic risotto with porcini mushrooms, oysters, snails, avocado salmon tartare or shrimps.
Feteasca Neagră Vintage 2016
Vinăria din Vale
This is one of the most appreciated Moldovan wines among experts. It won gold medals two years in a row at Mundus Vini, a gold medal at the Berliner Wein Trophy and another gold medal at the IWCB Vinarium. These are ones of the most rigorous international wine competitions. The wine has an intense and bright ruby ​​colour wine, with red fruits, dried plums and chocolate aromas, a velvety taste and a long-lasting aftertaste. This wine was aged for six months in French oak barrels. It makes a perfect pairing with traditional Moldovan dishes such as grilled steak, roasted meats, etc. Feteasca Neagră Vintage 2016 took second place the second year in a row among the best Moldovan wines.
Chardonnay 2018 Barrel Fermented
A wine from the Oenologist Reserve series that represents the individuality and philosophy of the winemaker Manuel Ortiz. The Chardonnay grapes were hand-picked from the proprietary Purcari microzone vineyards. The wine was fermented on a thin yeast sediment and was aged for six months in 500-litre oak barrels. This is a Chardonnay done 'by the book' with green apples, citrus, mango and almonds aromas. The subtle oak hints supplement rather than overwhelm the wine, emphasizing its specificity and elegance. This wine intrigues with a full, generous, balanced taste, a smooth texture and a refreshing acidity.
Saperavi 2014 Oenologist Reserve
Saperavi is a Georgian variety, which has adapted very well to the Moldovan terroir. This wine is the spearhead of the Timbrus arsenal: it has repeatedly received medals at Mundus Vini in 2017 and 2018. This wine was aged for 18 months in French and American oak barrels, followed by a 2.5 years maturation in the bottle. The result is an intense, full-bodied, ruby ​​wine, with a complex and structured bouquet rich in berries, cherries, dried plums, spices and chocolate aromas. A swaddling bouquet, followed by a round, soft taste, with 'well-groomed', soft tannins. There are only 3,000 bottles in this series with the serial number printed on the label and the author's signature, the Spanish oenologist Manuel Ortiz.
Feteasca Neagră 2017
Feteasca Neagră is an emblematic Moldovan wine, and the 2017 Sălcuța example is a reliable representation of the Moldovan winemaking. An elegant, ruby-coloured wine with purple hues and an intense bouquet of plums, dried cherries and blackberries. Delicate tannins, round taste and velvety finish. We recommend to combine it with traditional dishes such as mamaliga with Moldovan roast or grilled meats. Feteasca Neagră 2017 received a gold medal at the Eurasia Wine & Spirits Competition.
Pinot Gris 2018
In 2019, the Sălcuța winery premiered a new wine collection called "Winemaker's way" - a reflection on the long journey of the wine from the vineyard to your glass blooming with personality, taken with care, professionalism and wine philosophy. This is an exceptional Pinot Gris part of the "Winemaker's way" mindset. A yellow - straw colour complemented by complex aromas of pears, lemon and acacia flowers. The subtle acidity in sync with the fruity notes creates a round and balanced taste, with a harmonious and lasting aftertaste.
Radacini Fiori Feteasca Neagră 2017
Albastrele Wines
This is probably the best Feteasca Neagră from the Republic of Moldova judging by its price-quality ratio. The 2017 harvest wine aged for 6 months in French oak barrels, for greater depth and complexity. The captivating aroma of well-ripened red fruits (cherries, plums) is complemented by a rich, well-structured taste revealed on a base of round tannins with layers of succulent plum and black fruits tones. Well deserved 90 Decanter points. A perfect wine to be served next to a Moldovan mamaliga and roast!
Radacini Reserve ‘16
Albastrele Wines
This wine combines richness, beauty and freshness. A wine for the most demanding connoisseurs. A Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio blend, aged for six months in French oak barrels. The bouquet opens with notes of citrus, green apple, pears, followed by vanilla and almond flavours. A round, unctuous taste, pleasantly enveloping your palate. It's more than just a wine; it's a gourmet wine. It pairs nicely with fish and shellfish, meat in creamy sauces or blue cheeses.
Radacini Reserve ‘15
Albastrele Wines
This is a wine 'made by the book'. The winemaker used three classic European grape varieties from the 2015 harvest: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, aged for 24 months in French oak barrels. Bottled in a limited edition - 6,981 bottles - each bottle with its number printed on the label. The wine has a very complex bouquet of well-cooked black fruits, cherries, dried plums, dark chocolate and spices followed by a round, complex, well-structured taste, lasting aftertaste, with soft tannins. Moreover, it has a very moderate alcohol content (13%), a phenomenon that is less common in Moldovan winemaking, but also in new Bordeaux wines where the alcoholic content seems to increase. Enjoy it with medium-rare steak!
Cuvée de Purcari Feteasca Albă
Vinăria Purcari
This is the first sparkling wine made from 100% of the local grape variety Feteasca Albă. Jérôme Barret, the emeritus French oenologist, is behind this sparkling wine and the whole Cuvée de Purcari series. This sparkling wine impresses with bright yellow colour with green reflections, beautiful and persistent pearls, fresh citrus, green apple, and overripened pears aromas. The wine was produced according to the "traditional" method, with secondary fermentation for 9 months in the bottle, made from Feteasca Albă grapes harvested in 2017. It represents an ideal combination between freshness and complexity, and further ageing in the bottle will undoubtedly contribute to its nobility, aromas and taste.
Traminer de Purcari 2018
Vinăria Purcari
This is, without a doubt, the best Traminer in the Republic of Moldova. Traminer de Purcari 2018 impresses with its fresh and floral aromatic palette: acacia, elderberry flowers and rose petals. It has an excellent taste, with subtle sweet notes of roses and jasmine. Dry, with a pleasant acidity, this is a tremendously enjoyable wine. This Traminer is a limited-edition wine with a special bottle while remaining a part of the 1827 collection.
Chardonnay de Purcari 2018
Vinăria Purcari
This is the top-performing Moldovan wine at the influential international Decanter World Wine Awards. Chardonnay de Purcari obtained 97 points, receiving the most prestigious platinum medal. This is a record both for a Moldovan and a Romanian wine. The wine is a complex and rounded one, with vanilla and almond hints, sometimes called the King of Moldovan White Wines, an active signalling device of the quality and efforts of the Purcari winemakers.
Velvet Red Blend 2015
Pelican Negru
A Coupage of Cabernet Franc and Merlot, signed by internationally reputed oenologist with international reputation Gheorghe Arpentin. The Pelican Negru vineyards, with a density of 5 thousand vines per hectare, stretch on a few hills in the south of the country, in the village of Olănești, Stefan Voda district. Gheorghe Arpentin practices a biodynamic type of viticulture. As a result, the yield of the vineyard is much smaller, but with better quality harvests. The Velvet Red Blend is a dark ruby wine with red fruit aromas. The wine has a smooth and velvety taste with a complex structure that refines the aristocratic feel of the wine.
Alb de Onițcani & Riesling
Novak Winery
The revitalization of the authentic Moldovan grapes variety Alb de Onițcani is due mainly to the Novak winery. The winemaker, Andrei Novak from the Gagauz region, puts high hopes on this grape variety and did not fail. The last successful experiment is the coupage Alb de Onițcani (35%) and Riesling (65%). The fresh aromas of white cherries and summer apples overlap with the particular notes of Riesling. Have you ever tasted a wine with pleasant petroleum flavors? If not, then you must try the Novak Winery coupage.
Pinot Noir 2017
Novak Winery
Novak Winery is a small winery in the Gagauz region of the Republic of Moldova. Andrei Novak is the founder of this winery. This Pinot Noir is an excellent example of typicality: a transparent red, that you can see through as an hourglass; a beautiful bouquet of red fruits; a light touch of oak and a fairytale aftertaste. The Pinot Noir grapes come from 40-50 years old vines located in the south of the country. The wine was aged half a year in barrique barrel (a combination of French oak from Seguin Moreau and Transilvania Bois) and bottled in a limited edition of 3,000 bottles.
Ice Wine MinisTerrios
MinisTerrios Wines
It is probably the only "ice" wine from Moldova, produced according to the classical technology. The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were deliberately left to freeze alive. The winemaker Dan Prisăcaru set an ambitious and honest goal. Given the natural conditions either make an authentic ice wine or throw away 4 tonnes of grapes, but avoid frosting them in the fridge. On December 1, 2018, there were -9 ℃, ideal conditions for an "iced wine". The press took three days. The fermentation lasted 1.5 months. And finally, in June, the 2,700 bottles of 'ambrosia' were finished. A pale pink wine with charming aromas of cornelian cherries and strawberries, followed by a fantastic taste.
Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
MinisTerrios Wines
Cabernet Sauvignon was bottled in a limited edition of 989 bottles. The label is fascinatingly minimalist, just the serial number on each bottle - guaranteeing that each one is unique — a wine from the 2014 harvest from the Stefan Voda region, more precisely near Purcari. The grapes were hand-picked. The wine was fermented at a controlled temperature temperature-controlled fermentation with egg white clarification, followed by an extremely long maturation of 33 months in Seguin Moreau French oak barrels. The initial dark bouquet resembling ploughed earth is gradually replaced by a more nuanced one rich in nuances of black fruits, dried plums, cinnamon, pepper and dark chocolate. Not just right, exceptional!
Dor Rara Neagră & Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Vinăria Bostavan
"Dor" - a notion as complex as a living soul, which combines different states, but invariably beautiful ones - love, nostalgia and desire. This is the experience that this blend creates. A European variety at the base is combined with the local rustic addition. The aroma intensity of the Rara Neagră perfectly matches the French nobility of Cabernet Sauvignon. This ruby wine captivates with aromas of currants, violets and tobacco that descend into a fine and long aftertaste.
Roșu Domnesc 2015
Vinăria DAC
The name of this wine, 'the Royal Red' symbolyses just what this wine is: a regal wine! The blend of Feteasca Neagra, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot - an authentic Moldovan Bordeaux - aged according to traditional methods in oak barrels and at least one year in the bottle. The 2015 harvest is in peak form for consumption, with a rich spectrum of flavours: primary, secondary and tertiary. It debuts with the noticeable cherry and berries aromas that continue pass into the chocolate and dried plums hints. A complex wine or - as the Moldovans would say any joke aside - a serious wine!
Balada 2017
Vinăria DAC
Vinăria DAC is a small family business, specializing in producing high-quality wines. The grapes come from the Codru and Stefan Voda winemaking areas. Vinăria DAC produces both fresh and matured wines. Balada 2017 reveals the superb qualities of the Sauvignon Blanc, Feteasca Regal and Chardonnay grapes, the special terroir of the region and the true mastery of winemaking. The level of winemaking mastery has been internationally recognized with a gold medal at the Berliner Wein Trophy and silver at the Asia Wine Trophy.
Individo Saperavi 2017
Chateau Vartely
In my experience, there's a growing number of voices, including Masters of Wine, that confirm the enormous potential of Saperavi wines in the Republic of Moldova. Some would say that it is even bigger than in its Georgian homeland. Individo Saperavi 2017 is an excellent example in this regard. A wine with intense colour, a corpulent and revealing taste, with blackberries and blueberries aromas. The aftertaste is highlighted with elegant wood notes coming from the maturation for 12 months in oak barrels. The tannins are perceptible at the end of the taste, making it a perfect pair with a medium-rare steak. There are three simple keys to the success of this wine: the southern region of the country, a generous climate, the four tonnes per hectare harvest and the master winemaker Arcadie Foșnea!
Feteasca Neagră 2018
Feteasca Neagră is a fitful grape variety when it comes to rosé winemaking. This wine was a premiere in 2018, being critically acclaimed both nationally and internationally. Feteasca Neagră rose Cricova won the people's choice award and the big prize at the Wine Vernisage, the spring edition in Moldova. It has also won a silver medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and the bronze at the Decanter World Wine Awards. The wine delights with a pink rosé colour and impresses with intense aromas of raspberries, plums, cherries, with slight vegetable and sweet spices notes. The taste wins you over through its elegance and finesse and a velvety finish.
Pinot Meunier
Pinot Meunier - a traditional variety from the Champagne region - is a unique presence in Moldova, only in Cricova cellars. The wine is made according to the classic "champenoise" technology, with maturation for 15 months on sediment. A wine of a delicate and subtle pink colour, with long pearls made of small and delicate bubbles. Rich in raspberry, peaches and apricot aromas with a fresh and invigorating taste. The wine has been appreciated abroad with a gold medal at the Mondial du Rose 2019 and a silver medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.
Taraboste alb 2017
Chateau Vartely
Taraboste is a name that has never disappointed! The Top of the shelf for Chateau Vartely, Taraboste is only made in those years when the fruit meets its high standards. Taraboste 2017 is a premiere in itself: a blend of Chardonnay (50%), Pinot Gris (25%) and Sauvignon Blanc (25%). The Chardonnay was aged for six months in oak barrels, but the other half of the coupage was added fresh to give the wine a perfect balance between freshness and maturation. The result was an outstanding and elegant wine, with melon and pears aromas, perfectly aligned with tropical fruits and citrus cues. This wine is everything you would expect of it!
Individo Rara Neagră 2017
Chateau Vartely
The grapes for this wine come from a ten-year-old plantation of Rara Neagră from the Bugeac region in the south of the country. The age is ideal for presenting the full potential for this grape variety. Individo Rara Neagră 2017 presents itself with a ruby ​​colour, a full, velvety taste with red berries notes. The maturation for 12 months in oak barrels supports the primary bouquet, giving it a sublime roundness. You will want to enjoy it slowly, with a fried chicken, duck breast, rabbit or fine cheeses. Just yum!
Chardonnay Barrel Fermented 2018
Chateau Cristi
This is the second iteration of this wine (after a spectacular debut with Chardonnay 2017), and it is a second hit, one of the best wines in Moldova. The winemaker has outdone himself this year. The wine has an intense aroma with green apples, peaches and yellow fruits hints. The taste is rich, round with a pleasant complex structure. More than just a wine - it is a gourmet delicacy, a must-have with chicken, seafood or risotto. The previous edition of this wine received a gold medal at Mundus Vini, and I believe that the 2018 edition will soon repeat its success.
Cuvee Rouge Royal 2016
Chateau Cristi
This wine is the 'piece de resistance' of Chateau Cristi - a wine "beautiful - face, body and soul". A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Merlot 20% and Malbec 20%, aged for eight months in barrique barrels. The wine has a ruby-burgundy colour, with a vibrant bouquet that begins with fruity aromas of wild berries, ripe plums, black currants, followed by wood and vanilla nuances. The taste is round, structured, soft and velvety, with a medium to long aftertaste. This wine is the winery's calling card as the legend says that it was served at the imperial court of the Russian Tsar.
Chardonnay by Omega
Castel Mimi
A high-class Chardonnay, with the Protected Geographical Indication "Codru" aged for six months in Radoux Omega French oak barrels and bottled in a limited edition of only 1175 bottles. The wine impresses with a pale yellow colour and a vibrant bouquet starting with apples and white cherries hints followed by barberry and almond flavours. This is a gourmet wine that pairs perfectly with seafood, shellfish or matured cheeses. It has received a gold medal at the IWCB Vinarium competition.
Femme Fatale 2017
Carpe Diem
"Femme Fatale" represents, in fact, a marriage made in heaven! An extremely delicate union between the Feteasca Albă and Feteasca Regală grape varieties realized for the first time in Moldova by the winemaker Ion Luca. The wine fascinates with a bright colour and green fruits and acacia flowers aromas. And they do get extremely delicate! This is the third edition of this coupage. And so far, all the iterations have been receiving gold medals at the Berliner Wein Trophy. Carpe Diem is the first winery in the Republic of Moldova to make this blend, and the results so far are pretty remarkable. Also, the quantity of bottles produced has increased from 2000 - in 2015 to 8200 - in 2017. Maintaining quality while increasing production is one of the best feats a winemaker can accomplish.
Bad Boys 2017
Carpe Diem
This is the second edition of the Bad Boys coupage, which reconfirms its international success. It has received gold medals in a long line - at the Berliner Wein Trophy, Portugal Wine Trophy and Asia Wine Trophy. The wine conquered the hearts of the jurors at all the competitions it was sent. The Feteasca Neagră and Saperavi blend aged for 15 months in oak barrels were bottled in a limited edition. The wine is rich in aromas of black cherries and blackberries, slightly spiced with notes of black pepper and vanilla. The after-taste is long, round and velvety. A great wine from a small producer, with potential for ageing and an excellent bottle evolution. A wine to be watched that will surely make history!
Merlotage 2016
Vinăria Purcari
Carlevana surprises in 2019 with a series of pleasant news: the company is going through a thorough rebirth. Merlotage 2016 is undoubtedly a part of the good news - a complex blend of Merlot (60%), Pinot Noir (35%) and Rara Neagră (5%), aged for two years in oak barrels. The wine impresses with a vibrant bouquet: cherries and berries, followed by shades of ripening, chocolate and spice. The taste is round, soft and pleasant. The alcohol t is balanced at 13.5%, which makes it a good pair with red meats and game. The wine is perfect to be served now, but also excellent potential for ageing.
Dor Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
Vinăria Bostavan
You have before you the best Cabernet Sauvignon in Moldova based on the price-quality ratio. There are probably other good Cabernets, but I don't think you will find one of this quality, at a retail price of about 4 euros. The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the south of the country are transformed in a wine of a deep ruby ​​colour matured 12 months. It enchants with a full and harmonious taste, with subtle astringency and pleasant aromas of black currant and vanilla. The blind tastings has valued this wine highly: a gold medal at the prestigious Mundus Vini competition.
Piatra Roșie 2017
Migdal P Chateau Cojușna
This blend is unique in the Republic of Moldova, due to the exotic grape varieties in its composition. Of course, you've heard of Merlot, but have you ever tasted Ancellotta or Alicante? Especially produced in Moldova? Chateau Cojușna has its plantations of Ancellotta (an Italian variety) and Alicante Bouschet (a French variety). In 2017 the winemaker experimented with a unique blend of Merlot, Ancellotta and Alicante, aged in oak barrels. The result came right along with elegant aromas of cherries and berries, soft and velvety taste and a long-lasting aftertaste. The wine was awarded a gold medal at the IWCB Vinarium competition.
Piatra Albă 2018
Migdal P Chateau Cojușna
Chateau Cojușna's vineyards are located in the area with the Protected Geographical Indication "Codru". It has a longstanding tradition in producing excellent wines from Feteasca Albă and Sauvignon Blanc, known to the consumer under the Umbrella brand. In 2019, the winery has launched a series of premium wines, including the Piatra Albă blend. This marriage between Feteasca Albă and Sauvignon Blanc is aged for three months in oak barrels. This wine seduces with its golden colour, followed by an intense nose, with aromas of blackcurrant and field flowers, but also with faint oak accents. A sophisticated white wine!
Aurelius brut roz
This is a well deserved "new entry" in the Moldovan wines' top. It is made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir grapes, using the Charmat method, with secondary fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The winemaker managed to maintain a pleasant freshness, aromas of strawberries and berries, along with moderate alcohol of 12%, which makes the wine a most suitable summer drink. The sparkling wine gained awards at all the competitions it participated: a gold medal at Mundus Vini, IWCB Vinarium and Eurasia Wine & Spirits Competition, and a silver at the specialized sparkling contest Effervescents du Monde.
Viorica 2018
Kazayak Vin
Viorica is a girl's name and flower name in Moldova. A perfect match for this wine. It has generous floral aromas: rose, acacia, Muscat notes, a full taste and the right balance. Viorica 2018 Kazayak has an outstanding price-quality ratio. It would be challenging to find a competitor at the price level of less than 5 euros a bottle. The wine received numerous gold medals abroad: a gold medal at the IWCB Vinarium, Challenge International du Vin, a silver medal at the Mondial de Bruxelles, and a gold medal with the mention of "Best of Show" in Moldova at Mundus Vini.
Metafora 2018
Gogu Winery
Metafora 2018 is a spearhead of the small wine producer Gogu Winery from Causeni. After several successful iterations of reds, in 2019, Gogu Winery launched a white Metafora for the first time. Bullseye from the very start, the wine took the big prize of the Spring Wine Vernisage. The wine is a blend of three grape varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Feteasca Albă, fermented in wooden barrels and aged for 7 months in French oak barrels at first use. The result is delightfully tasty: a yellow straw coloured wine with a fresh bouquet of green apples, white cherries, field flowers and a slight vanilla scent. The wine was bottled in a limited edition of 1,500 bottles.
Blanc de Merlot 2018
Gogu Winery
Blanc de Merlot is the ace in the sleeve of the small winemaker from Causeni, Ilie Gogu, that he uses to impress his customers. Even the bitterest sceptics are pleasantly surprised by this translucent wine with light yellow-green hues. But what astonishes, is the very fresh nose, with aromas of white (fleshy!) cherries, peppers and exotic fruits. The wine has a 13% alcohol content that barely reflects in the taste and a pleasant acidity - a perfect pair with a sweet water fish or light salads! The wine is bottled in a limited edition, in fact, like most of the wines of the Gogu Winery brand author.
Autograph Feteasca Regală 2018
Gitana Winery
The Dulgher family, owners of the Gitana winery, are authors of the autograph series. "We are artisans of wine that we ourselves like first and foremost and secondly so that we can then teach the world about them. This harmonious and powerful wine speaks about our united family", notes the back label Iuliana Dulgher. You have to know the spirit of Moldovans to understand that they will never recommend a wine that does not represent them. Feteasca Regală 2018is delicate wine with acacia and field flowers aromas, a lively taste, and a pleasant acidity.
Rara Neagră 2016
Gitana Winery
Gitana Winery premiered this year mono-variety Rara Neagră and did it with pizzazz. The 2016 harvest grapes from the region with the Protected Geographical Indication "Traian Valley" were manually selected and harvested. The wine was aged for two years in oak barrels from Krasnodar. You will enjoy an aromatic intensity where the fruity shades (cherries, blackberries, berries) are interwoven, with those from the maturation in barrels (chocolate, spices). Right to be served with a slice of fresh sheep cheese or Moldovan roast. Delicious!
5 Elemente roșu 2016
5 Elements - as the name suggests - is an assembly of five types of grapes, which vary yearly in proportion and variety. Each year the recipe is honestly published on the label with a 'pharmaceutical accuracy' level. In the 2016 harvest, the Cabernet Sauvignon took the lead (40%), accompanied by Syrah (19%), Malbec (19%), Rara Neagră (11) and Carmenere (11%). The grapes come from the Equinox winery's plantations, located in the village of Olănești, near Purcari. The wine was aged in oak barrels for at least 30 months. The wine author, Constantin Stratan, is recognized for his unmistakable style and the art of combining excellent wine with the perfect oak. The wine has an intense ruby colour and a vibrant bouquet: blackberries, blackcurrant, smoked plums, chocolate, spices - there isn't enough space on the music sheet to write down all the notes. Bottled in a limited edition - only 2,900 bottles in 2016.
Rara Neagră 2017
Fautor Winery
This is one of the best examples of the 'bottled' potential of the Rara Neagră grape variety. It truly is what a Rara Neagră should be like - a fruity, aromatic, intense bouquet and, at the same time, a light and pleasant taste. Fautor has its own Rara Neagră plantations in Romanești, Leova, in the Protected Geographical Indication "Traian Valley" area. This is a ruby-coloured wine, with an exquisite aroma of cloves, cherry seeds, pomegranates and plums. The taste reminds you of ripe cherries with slightly spicy notes. A complex wine with a full and lengthy aftertaste.
Fumé Blanc 2017
Fautor Winery
This is the third iteration of this wine (following the great 2016 and 2015 harvests), and each year the harvest keeps getting better. A top-notch performance! The Sauvignon Blanc was aged for six months in French oak barrels. The wine has a pale yellow colour, and it would impress at first sight even a layperson: it is subtle and sophisticated at the same time. The wine explodes with aromas of yellow fruits: pears, melons, vanilla. The taste, though, is unctuous, pleasant and complex. Coming from Protected Geographical Indication "Valul lui Traian" area, a limited edition of 6 350 bottles, with each bottle numbered on the back label. Fumé Blanc is the only Moldovan wine with 90 Parker points.
Negre 2017
Fautor Winery
This wine could very well be a business card for the winemaking of the Republic of Moldova. A blend of two local varieties - Feteasca Neagră and Rara Neagră - aged in oak barrels for 12 months. Over the years It has gathered praises from sommeliers and international wine critics, as well as gold medals from most of the international competitions it has been a participant. This is a wine with 'a temper' that combines the 'ego' of the Rara Neagră variety with the finesse of Feteasca. Bitter cherries, blackberries and blueberries dominate the aroma of this wine. A round and velvety taste naturally continued into a long-lasting aftertaste.
Mănăstirea Rohrbach Cru 2017
Gitana Winery
This is by far the best Riesling in the Republic of Moldova. You will find the typical German Riesling traditions and quality in every bottle. And this association is not spurious. German colonists populated the Romanovca village in 1887 and named their town Rohrbach. Later, the Germans were repatriated to their homeland, leaving their homes and belongings in Moldova. The Gitana Riesling is picked in a unique terroir of only 5 hectares, at the top of the hill, where once was the Rohrbach Monastery. It's a must-try to understand what a good, fruity and mineral Riesling is. The 2017 harvest was bottled in a limited edition of only 6,500 bottles.
Malbec 2015
This is by far the best Malbec of the moment in the Republic of Moldova. The author of this exceptional wine is Constantin Stratan. The grapes come from the Equinox plantation, of only 0.2 hectares, near the village of Olănești in the Purcari microzone. Equinox has exactly 1000 Malbec vines planted there. 2015 was a generous year for the Malbec harvest. The wine was aged for three years in barrique barrels and bottled in a limited edition of only 1,500 bottles. A glass of this exceptional Malbec presents an intense ruby colour, a full-bodied taste, rich in aromas of black cherries, berries, pronounced hints of almonds, wood and chocolate. A wine with a 'firm bite'!
Roșu Împărat 2017
MinisTerrios Wines
This is the second edition of the Roșu Împărat (the Red King) coupage, after a resounding success in 2015. A great wine from a small producer. Dan Prisăcaru, a young winemaker who studied in France, founded the MinisTerrios winery after returning to Moldova. This complex blend of Feteasca Neagră (54%), Merlot (32%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (14%) was aged for 12 months in French barrels and bottled in a limited edition of 2,200 bottles. It is rich in cherries, berries and chocolate aroma. A fairytale wine!