Wine ambassadors

The Republic of Moldova is a country located in Eastern Europe, neighboring Ukraine to the east and Romania to the west. Due to its geographical position, the Republic of Moldova is characterized by a temperate climate, with short winters and long summers.

Vasile Bumacov
Currently, Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Japan and South Korea...
Stefan Ombun
Wine Ambassador
A name predestined to promote good wine. Stefan Ombun settled for a long time in ...
Simion Croitoru
Wine Ambassador
When he said he wanted to import Moldovan wines to Portugal, Simion Croitoru...
Radu Nichita
Wine Ambassador
Selling to the French anything else than French wine is either a dream or a big challenge ...
Catalin Paduraru
Cătălin Păduraru is the initiator of large-scale projects in the Romanian wine market...